Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry christmas and 2 quick christmas finishes

I am wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Here are two quick christmas finishes. My son is 7 1/2 years old and he is so excited about Santa tomorrow. We went to a Christmas Festival Light show and dinner tonight. On Thursday, we made
the christmas cookies. I bought a new cookie press from Cuiseart and well, the cookies were supposed to be star shaped but they all turned out flat and round. Maybe we will try to make the cookies again next week. Have a wonderful holiday.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Hexagon templates and Daisy Templates

Hexagon shaped projects have been getting very popular these days. So I am adding a few templates. Next year, I am planning to do a few Hexagon projects as well.

New Clover Needlecraft Gadgets, Flower Frill Paper Templates and tutorial, and Yo Yo Maker Oval, and New Mary Arden Needles

2 new Clover new gadgets. Flower Frill Paper Template comes in 2 sizes. Currently, Clover web site has a tutorial video on how to use the template at Clover Flower Frill tutorial.

The new Clover Yo Yo maker Oval comes in small and large size.

I am carrying Mary Arden needles sizes are regular 24, 26, 28 and petite 26 & 28.

New Valdani Pearl Silk Collection and added 15 new Valdani 3 Strands Floss

I have just added the Valdani Pearl Silk Collection.Au Ver à Soie by VALDANI: Pearl Silk (Soie Perlée)They Hand-Dyed, Colorfast, and Best Quality.

PURE Filament SILK - the shiniest and strongest natural fibre. THE ONLY HAND-DYED SILK ON THE MARKET FOR BOTH HAND AND MACHINE. For stitching, the pearl silk is similar to perle cotton #12.

- both for HAND: needlepoint, wool appliqué, stitching, embroidery, hand-sewn embellishments, cross stitching, quilting, ribbon work, knitting, crochet, tatting, smocking, weaving, lace making, braiding, beading, as weaving warp - as it is unbreakable, ornamentation.

- and MACHINE: excellent as top thread for stitching, quilting, thread embellishment (use it with an 18 size needle); also beautiful in bobbin work.
It is considered as a reference thread in all needlework activities.

15 new Valdani 3 strand floss, JP1, JP2, JP4, JP6, JP8, M80, O526, O559,O562, O565, P3, P4, P9, P11 and P12.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Biscornu with Covered Button and I Top Tool

2 Christmas Theme biscornu to share. The I Top tool is so cool and easy to use and I love those covered buttons.

- The first Biscornu is stitched with Caron Wildflowers Mocha Rose with Mill Hill beads and I modified the original chart. The chart is by Manka Mintai.

- The second Biscornu is stitched with DMC 498 and with Mill Hill beads. I did modified the chart and used a Yo Yo in the middle with covered button. The chart is by Nancy Pederson.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The new Antique Scissors E are here and the new Gold Santa Scissors

The new Antique Scissors E here and it is 6" long. The new gold Santa Scissors are also here just in time for christmas.

2 New Christmas buttons and 12 new Floral Wood Buttons

The new Christmas Button packs are finally here. I added some Wood Floral Buttons, they are very cute and more selection will be added soon.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stitching 2 Blackbird Pincusion using Valdani Threads and Blackbird at Houston Quilt Market 2010

I was fortunate to see Barbara and Alma this year again in the Houston Quilt Market in October 2010. They had a very nice booth and lots of visitors. We chat for a while and they are so nice, personable and friendly.

I stitched 2 of the Blackbird Pincushion designs using Valdani threads, they turned out so pretty. I took a little more time to do the finishing. I used Wichelt Lambswool fabric. The Wichelt fabric is a little bit "stiff" and they are great for stitching small because it makes the finishing easier to take shapes.

For the Blackbird Blue Bird design, I used Valdani P8, P2, H212 and O562.

For the Blackbird Winter Garden Pincushion, I used Valdani O503, O575, O526, M90, and O78. I added the beads.I modified the chart a little and put the inital "A" in the middle.

I carry Valdani threads both 3 ball version and 6 strand floss.They are color fast and the prices are great.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A new Antique Collection Scissors E will arrive next week

Here is the preview of a new Antique Scissors E that will arrive next week. Estimate shipping date is December 3.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New With Thy Needle and Thread, Kelmscott designs, Little House Needlework, Country Cottage Needlework, Clover's Bobbin Tower, Bohin Bulk Needles Size 24, Cosmo Variegated Threads

New Charts from With Thy Needle and Thread:

- With Thy Needle and Thread "Snow day"
- With Thy Needle and Thread "Needles and Heart Pinkeep"

News items from Kelmscott designs:

- Kelmsoctt Autumn Acorn Kit
- Kelmscott 2.5" Gold, Silver, Primitive Storklettes
- Kelmscott Sheep at night Needleminder

The new Little House Needlework designs "The North Wind":

The new Country Cottage Needlework Designs "Snowflake Serenade":

This is a new gadget Clover Stack 'N Store Bobbin Tower.Each of the 6 sections hold 5 bobbins.

I carry a variety of needles, John James, Piecemaker and Bohin French needles. I also carry Bulk needles. I just added the Bohin French needles in bulk in size 24. Bohin needles are the best needles I have ever used.

I added a new type of Variegated Embroidery threads, it is called Cosmo Seasons. They are 8 meters, colorfast and they are made in Japan: