Saturday, August 30, 2008

Finishes from Italy and Russia

I received 2 pictures of wonderful finishes. The first one is from Alessandra, Italy, she stitched the Mini Quaker flower emery:

Please visit her wonderful blog as well:

Here is the Alphabet collection pinkeep from Olga in Russia, she used ThreadworX 1149 Rainbow Fairy for this wonderful pinkeep:

Her wondeful blog is:

Thank you so much for sharing your finishes.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Vivian NJ Tiny 40 ct Mini Quaker Flower Emery

I have not tried to stitch anything more than 32 ct. Here is Vivan's emery in 40 ct, wow, impressive:

Thank you Vivan for sharing your wonderful finish.

I am working on the Fall Collection. I may have some preview pictures this weekend. The collection will be available next week. I also will have some special sale. Have a wonderful long weekend. In the US, we will have a Labor day holiday on Monday.Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

From Becky K, OK Mini Quaker Flowers Biscornu

Becky is one of my best customers since April, here are pictures of her Mini Quaker Flowers Biscornu:

Thank you Becky for sharing your wonderful finish.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Prairie Schooler Santas and Snowmen

This is from the new Prairie Schooler Santas and Snowmen chart. I just love the Santas. I stitched them on 28 ct Opalescent Cashel raw linen. It has very pretty "sparkles" all over the linen. My 5 years old son was so excited to see the sparkles. My scanner and digital camera could not capture any of the sparkles. The Cashel 28 ct Opalescent is perfect for any type of ornament stitching and is available on my web site at a very reasonable price, plus for the month of August, all fabric has a 10% discount.

Have a wonderful week and thank you for visiting my blog.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

37 New Valdani Overdyed floss added

I have purchased 37 new Valdani Overdyed floss. I took most of the pictures in groups. These are color fast overdyed floss made in Romania. The company is in Canada. Their main business is quilting threads but they are constantly expanding the needlework overdyed floss. You can view their web site at

Theses are sold overdyed floss and come in a bundle of 5 skeins, they are group in Fuchsia, pink, mauves, black reds, blues, purples, and shaded blues. I have ordered a few to try out. They are great value, there are 50 yards in each bundle for $6.00.

From Left to right:

M12 Spring lights, M19 Olives, M7 Fall Leaves, M 53 Moonlight Mountain, V4 Golden Browns:

From left to right:

Val76 Christmas Red, M20 Deep Waters, M28 Harvest, P12 Brown, O541 Mauve orchid:

From left to right:

O501 Ebony Almond, O509 Dark Gems, O575 Crisy Leaf, O513 Coffee Roast, M81 Honeycomb:

From left to right:

M58 Midnight Sea, P5 Tarnished Gold, O4122 Bark Moss, O519 Green Olive, O569 Sage Tree, V4 Golden Brown:

From left to right:

O539 Evergreen, O518 Dusty Leave, O526 Green pasture, O579 Faded Olive, P11 Aged Black, M63 Early Spring:

From left to right:

O525 Highlands Heather, O578 Primitive Blue, M24 Water reflection, O571 Tea Honey, P9 Bronze:

You can purchase the threads by emailing me at "" or my web site at

Have a wonderful week, we are expecting tropical storm weather in Southeast Texas today with heavy rain and strong wind.