Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Praiseworthy Stitches Simple Gifts - Thanks

The new Praiseworthy Stitches Simple Gifts series.... Thanks:

Keslyn's Storm Breaker and Winter Solstice

New Keslyn's designs:

Needlemade designs Ackworth Part I and Part 2

Quaker theme designs, very cute and the finishing instructions are very detailed and clear.

Mirabila Designs Day Nymph and Night Nymph Valdani Thread packs

Valdani Thread Packs for the new Mirabilia Designs "Day Nymph" and "Night Nymph":

Kelmscott Scissors

New Scissors are added, they are Kelmscott 2" little gems and Love scissors, more will be added soon:

New Wendy KC Designs

New Wendy KC Designs:

Strawberries Sweet Bag with 3 Sweeties, Garden of Hearts and Flowers, Bees' Garden Stitching Accessories, and more Bee's accessories.

New Carolina House Designs Quaker Garden

Carolina House Designs Quaker Garden:

New Little House Needleworks Joy, Posinsetta House, Winter Green, Winter White

These are the new Little house needleworks added on the web site:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Folk Art Jingle by Indygo Junction, Erica Michael's Silk Gauge kits, and Gentle Art Sampler Threads

This is a very cute pattern by Marily Gash, Indygo Junction, it is called Folk Art Jingle. I saw the patterns stitched at the Weeks Dye Works booth at the Houston Quilt Market:

Erica Michael designs, if you are not up to the Silk Gauge challenge yet, you can always stitch all these designs one over one, they will be so cute, I just love the "Verse" that she uses:

Christmastide, it reads "May He be our peace and cheer through the coming Christmastide. May He richly bless our home and forever be our guide".

We are Blessed, it reads "Let us each be mindful of all we have for which to give thanks, friends, food, hopes, health, and happy memories. So in giving thanks, we are bless. Amen".

Yes, finally, I am adding Gentle Art Sampler threads to my web site, they will be here and ready to ship on October 27, I will add more selection in November:

Bohin French Scissors and other scissors added October 20

I just added a new batch of scissors on my web site:

These first 3 are Bohin Scissors, they are from France:

This is a cute black cirlce scissors at a special price:

5 1/2 inches scissors made in Italy:

3 1/2 inches safety scissors that you can carry them on the airplane:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Picture of 2009 Houston Wholesale Quilt Market

I went there last Saturday and then Monday, but I did not have a lot of time looking around. I am always in a hurry. I did go to some booths and said Hi to people that I know, the hightlight of the Market was meeting Barb and Alma from Blackbird Designs.

I did not have a picture of Barb because when I went back on Monday to take pictures, Barb was not here, and here are pictures of Alma at the booth:

I love these 16 size Presencia pearle cotton, they are great for hardanger and stitching:

These are the needleboxes, etui and needle books:

From Weeks dye works booth, the stitched pieces were very cute:

Brazillian embroidary, the owners, Ed and mar are the nicest people I ever met:

Friday, October 16, 2009

YLI Silk Ribbon, Bohin Products, Buttons, Lobster Clasp and more

Yes, another update and more new products.

I am expanding to Silk Ribbon, more colors will be adding soon:

Here are two pictures of the Houston Quilt Wholesale Market. The booth is Bohin from France, they had tons of customers buying from them and a lot of stitchers and quilters love their products. Of course, I bought a few things from them as well:

Bohin 2 1/4" petite scissors, they are very sharp:

A lot of quilters just love this Bohin Mechanical Chalk Pencil, a lot of them stopped by and tell me what a wonderful product it is:

I am adding more beading supplies, I will have a beaded scissors fob tutorial soon, here is the 18mm lobster clasps that I added on the web site, most of the scissors and gingher scissors
will fit into these clasps:

A new christmas charm pack, silver and gold colors:

Here are two new button packs: