Thursday, July 31, 2008

Little Stitches 10% Fabric Sale and Free shipping in the US details

Little Stitches is having a 10% off Fabric sale till August 31. Free shipping to US customers if your purchase after 10% is over $80 for the month of August as well. For overseas customers, the shipping charges will be reduced or you can select a overdyed thread that I carry on my web site.

The shopping cart will not show the 10% fabric discount or the free shipping at the check out. If you are making the purchases on the web site, I will email you the details of the refund and refund the difference to your account. If you want to pay the "exact" amount, please email me with your purchase and paypal information.

My web site is:

My email address is: ""

August 1, the Mini Quaker flowers Collection is available with the Emery:

Have a wonderful weekend. I will have a new shipment of Valdani threads next week, please be sure to visit here again.

Little Stitches Alphabet Collection Design

I love alphabets. So here is the new collection. In order to fit all the alphabets in small designs, guess what???? We will need to learn a new techique if you have not tried out stitching one over one thread on evenweave or linen. If you have never tried stitching one over one, I highly recommend evenweave 28 or 25 ct. I have stitched quite a few one over one projects and stitching on linen is still very challenging. Stitching one over one shows a lot of details. The collection has 4 designs, Emery, Mattress pinkeep, biscornu and pincushion. The Emery and Mattress pinkeep are stitching one over one. Biscornu and pincushion are stitching over two, but they can be stitched one over one. I use the new ThreadworX 10372 Kaleb's Cherry Patch and the fabric is Jobelan 28 ct Beige. The new tutorial for this collection is "mattress pinkeep".

Here is a link to my one over one finished stitching over the years:

Here are info about stitching one over one thread:

My preferred method is to complete each "X" as you stitch or do the "///////" and then \\\\\. It is not a difficult technique and you will be amazed at the end result.

Emery, Mattress pinkeep, stitching one over one thread:

Biscornu and pincushion, stitching one over two threads, the biscornu has a 6mm Pearlized Caramel Rose heart in the middle. The pincushion can be stitched as pinkeep as well.

The prices are as follows:

- PDF chart file with Mattress pinkeep tutorial $10.00

- Accessory pack $6.00

- PDF, Accessory pack, 18 X 27 Jobelan 28 ct Beige $22.00

The accessory pack includes 10 yards of ThreadworX, a covered button set, 3 pearlized Caramel hearts, and 2 1/2 yards of ribbon.

You can email me with your purchase at " " or you can purchase at my web site at

16 New ThreadworX colors added to web site

Two of them are new colors that just came out. They are the 10372 Kaleb's Cherry Patch and 10981 Rose Petals. The other 14 are colors that I did not carry on my web site before. Here are the pictures:

The colors and names of the threads from Left to Right are:

- 1120 Foxy
- 10381 Banana Berry
- 10522 Banana Susanna
- 1087 Peppermint
- 11211 Leather and Lace
- 1143 Sea Flowers
- 1145 Gray Flamingo
- 1053 Dreamscape

The second picture, from left to right, here are the names:

- 1065 Mossy Meadows

- 1079 Purple Coral

- 1113 Indian Summer

- 1025 Blue Navy

- 1032 Brown Sugar and Spice

- 1036 Shades of Chocolate

- 10372 Kaleb's Cherry Patch

- 10981 Rose Petals

You can purchase them at or you can always email me with your order at

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New ThreadworX colors

I spent some time stitching 2 new threadworX new colors and one other color. I was given "samples" of the new colors. I love them so much that I used one of them for the new set of design that will be released tomorrow.

The 2 new colors are:

10372 Threadworx Kableb's cherry patch
10981 Threadworx Rose Petal

A freebie from Tantes Zolder web site using Threadworx Kaleb's cherry patch:

A french freebie by Ariane Pierre using ThreadworX Rose Petal:

A french design by Couleur D'etoile using Threadworx 1090 Red Lipstick finished as a mattress pinkeep:

Be sure to come back tomorrow July 31 to see the new Alpahbet Collection designs.I will be announcing a sale for the month of August as well. I will be busy working on my web site updating new threadworx threads I just ordered.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

3 Stitchers' finishes

I have 3 finishes to share with you:

From Claudia in Italy and her blog is:

From Carolyn in Calif, her blog is:

This is from Linda in Iceland:

Thank you so much for sharing your finishes.

Friday, July 11, 2008

From Russia, Olga Rose finishes

Olga in Russiasent me these beautiful finishes:

You can view more of her wonderful stitching at:

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

From Brenda, UK Little Stitches Mini Quaker flowers collection

Brenda from UK is such a fast stitcher, she finished the whole Mini Quaker flowers collection a few days ago. Thank you Brenda for sharing your beautiful stitching with us.