Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Take a peek at the new Blackbird designs "A schoolgirl's Work" booklet

This booklet has a lot of pictures from Spencer Museum of Art. The booklet has 104 pages, full color, soft cover and it weights close to 1lb. 9 Cross stitch projects. There are 24 antique samplers pictured with a bit of history. 50% of the royalties will go to the museum. Here are the pictures of the stitching projects in the booklet. Right now it is on sale on my web site for $24.95 (Regular price is $27). There are also thread packs available to purchase. The thread pack only includes one of each color of the threads, it may not have enough threads to finish ALL the projects inside this booklet.


Monday, August 22, 2011

All these goodies arrive today an d more..

Just to show you some of the new items that come in the mail today. I am working on making some changes on this blog... a new look..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

New update Part 2

More new charts and 4 new Weeks dye Works threads from the Baltimore Market. If you see charts that you like to purchase and they are not on my web site, please email me and I can special order that for you.

A few New Lizzie Kate designs for Christmas:

1. New Lizzie Kate 6 fat men flip its (these are very cute)

- there will be 6 charts in total, 3 charts are available now
and the rest of the 3 charts will be released in mid October

- I have a special page on this series with linen and thread pack

- You can stitch them individually or stitch them as ONE piece


2. The rest of the new Lizzie Kate charts/kit are:

- 2011 Santa
- Tiny Tidings XVI
- Inspriation boxer "When we do"


3. JBW christmas designs:

- French Country Reindeer
- French Country Heart I
- French Country Heart II


4. 4 new Weeks Dye Works threads

- 1132 Saltwater Taffy
- 1240 Dirt Road
- 2135 Turquoise
- 2259 Cayenne


Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Update Part I...

Here are some of the new products, more updates will be posted on Sunday..

New Blackbird Charts: (estimate shipping date is August 25)

- Cast a Spell
- Halloween Eve
- Morning Star
- Raven Bewitched


With Thy Needle and Thread: (estimate shipping date is September 3)

- A stitcher's purse
- Mansion House
- Ann Dickinson 1819


Ink Circle "Quiddity"


Sue Hillis "Noel en Rouge":


New Gentle Art Sampler threads:

- August 2011 Lmited Beach Bag
(Sand dollars, Beach Ball, Sand Castle, Flip Flop, Dolphin Blue)

- August new colors
(Wheat Fields, Otter Creek, Antique Lace)


Limited beach bag:

3 New August Gentle Art Sampler threads:

Friday, August 12, 2011

A covered buttons biscornu with I Top Tool and a blackwork biscornu with new engraved wood buttons

I just love this I Top tool, it has many features: you can make covered buttons, snaps, magnets, brads and much more. It is very easy to use, you can make those buttons in second in 2 steps and it comes with a DVD. You can center your fabric very easy and your covered buttons turn out exactly where you want them to be.

I am having issue with the Blog format on Internet explorer browser. The blog is fine using Firefox but not IE, I don't know how to fix the problem at this time. The right hand side sidebar does not appear on the side on the IE, it all shifted to the bottom of the screen. Firefox browser, the blog looks perfect.

Here is my lastest finish, the design is from Nancy Pederson and I modified the design a bit to fit into what I wanted with Valdani thread O533 Golden Autumn. If you want more info and see what the I top tool can do, you can visit my web site:


Here are the new Mini Engraved Floral Wood buttons, they are very cute. You can use it with your stitching, sewing and other crafts:


The design is from a talented French designer and I used ThreadworX bleeding heart thread to stitch this blackwork designs: