Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Dovo Scissors and A new self sharping embroidary scissors

I got another new batch of Dovo Scissors, now I know what my favorite are, I do like the Forged stainless version, they are so pretty, see for yourself. Dovo Scissors in Germany is having a 8% increase in price effective January 1, 2009. All of Dovo Scissors are still in 2008 prices, they are great scissors to own:

This blue pair is for Left handers:

4" Self sharping embroidary scissors:

More pricing and information are at:


Have a wonderful NEW YEAR, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Thank you so much for all the business, referrals and support for the year 2008. Looking forward to see you all soon in 2009.

Carrie's Silk

Carrie's Creation is going to have overdyed silk coming in February 2009. She has 2 Preview silk, they are $2.00 for 8 yards, 6 ply:


New Added Valdani and Carrie's Threads

I have just added over 20 Valdani and Carrie's Threads on my web site, here are the links:



Monday, December 29, 2008

More Floss Ring Tags

I have made more floss ring tags in the last few days. I did some of the stitching, but some of them have already been stitched over the years. Some of these will be gifts to friends in year 2009. I used the crop-a-dile machine to make these batch of tags, I sell all the eyelets that I used on my web site as well:

From a french designer, C. Leory, using DMC 814 and some gold beads:

From an Australian Designer:

From one of the American Cross Stitch magazine:

Initials from a booklet by Gloria and Pat using Threadworx 10372 Kaleb's Cherry Patch. This is my all time favorite color by Threadworx. Stitching is done one over one thread.

Everyone should recongize the Shepherd's Bush designs:

This is from Sunflower Samplings, Mini Flower Basket, stitching is done one over one:

This is for me to keep, JBW design stitched one over one using Carrie Threads "Holly Day":

Don't forget I carry a lot of supplies to make these beautiful tags:


Great news, I just did a tutorial for Floss Ring tags yesterday. Here is the link:


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Floss Ring Tags/Ornament Week 2

I managed to stitch a few more Christmas floss ring tags and ornaments. My five years son was sick with Bronchitis and other respiratory issue last week. We had to take him in to Urgent Care. My husband does not believe in doctor. I don't take any chances with my son. My main concern were the vomitting and non stop coughing. He is feeling better now with medication. He is getting much better with taking his medication as well from one hour ordeal to 15 minutes.

It is Christmas eve here and we just finished making the cookies. I took the easy way out and bought the premixed cookie dough and cut and let my son played with the cookie cutters. This evening, my son and I will work on the Santa/train puzzle that we have been working on for the last 2 weeks. The puzzle has only 550 pieces but it is the hardest one we have had so far. Michael is very good at the puzzles. We will try to make some tree ornaments tonight as well. Christmas music has been playing in the house for the day. Hope you all have a great christmas, and a happy new year.

From French designer, Alice and Co, "Petit Livre de Couleurs" using ThreadworX 1085 Christmas time:

Holly wreath by Debbie Cripps

These are French freebies that I stitched for my son as ornaments:

More Floss Tag ideas next week........ Have a wonderful holiday.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Floss Ring Tags/Ornament Week 1

Here are the Floss Ring Tags with Christms theme that I have made:

I decided to make this into an ornament instead of floss ring tag:

Anita's version of Floss Ring Tag Overview and a quick tutorial

I love reading blogs. A few months back, Staci at Snippets and Stash started a new idea of Floss Ring Tag. She has made so many of those inspirational tags. She also has a tutorial using the 5/32" eyelet tool kits. You should take a look and admire her creation:

Everyone more or less will have their own version eventually once you have made a few of the
little tag. It was cold and rainy here in Houston, Texas today and so I did not spend a lot of time outside taking detailed pictures. When I have more times, I may do a more comprehensive tutorial, here is a very simplied version:

All of floss tags that I made this week were "rounded". I did not use any iron on fusible web. I used a very light weighted cardboard. Here are the front and back of the pieces:

I used one eyelet for the front piece and another eyelet for the back piece. I intentioinally picked 2 different eyelet colors for the front and back. I whipped the 2 pieces together matching the top eyelets and then put pins and ribbon trims around the finished piece:

Ok, there are reasons why I used 2 eyelets in one floss ring tag. First of all one eyelet is not deep enough to go through 2 layers of fabric and 2 layers of cardboards. Second, the eyelets always look the best on the top part, but the bottom part may not always look as good. So when I used 2 eyelets you always have the best result and the not so perfect parts are hidden.

The cheapest tool to make this is the eyelet tool kits, the sizes are 5/32" and 1/4", the instruction are very clear as far as how to set the eyelets: (I do carry these on my web site)

These are the eyelet packages for 5/32" and 1/4"

Other supplies that you will need is a thread ring, they come in different sizes, here is an example of 2", 1 1/2", 1 inches rings:

Don't forget about the thread drops :

So you have tried out the eyelet kits and have made a few Floss Ring Tag, now you want to
invest more money on TOOLS, here they are:

An Eyelet tool, you can set 5/32" and 1/4" eyelets, but you can't set any other eyelet sizes.

There is another tool for Scrapbooking that you can use as well, it is called "crop-a-dile". It will set 1/8" and 3/16" eyelets. If you are using this tool to make floss ring tag, you need 3/16" eyelets, the 1/8" eyelets are too small to fit the round ring. Another important information to know is you can't use 5/32" and 1/4" eyelets with this tool. It is about $29.99 pluse sales tax.

Here are the 3/16" scrapbook eyelets that I carry on my web site. There are more eyelet choices with scrapbook eyelets as far as shapes and colors. If the demand is good, I will carry more variety.

Are you ready to make some now with all the information????????

Floss Ring Tag Supplies Available

I have limited supplies of the following supplies to make the Floss Ring Tag:

- 5/32" eyelets with tools

- 5/32" multi colors eyelets

- 1/4" eyelets with tools

- 1/4" eyelets

- 3/16 assorted eyelets, you can use them with Scrapbooking as well

- 3 Different types of Thread drops

You can view all the option and prices here, and if you have any question, just email me:


Also the John James Regular needles 26, and 28 in bulk are in stock. The petite needles for 26 and 28 in bulk had came in as well. They are cheaper than buying the needles in packages. If you do a lot of stitching on 32 counts and up and stitching one over one, you should try the petite needles. It makes a big difference.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chanticleer and Swan Scissors

Here are two new scissors that are listed on my web site:

4" Chanticleer (made in Italy) $12.50

3" Swan stainless steel scissors with Sheath ($7.00) :

Click here for more information and purchase:


I have more scissors coming to the web site soon, but they are not here, I am waiting very patiently for their arrival.

Clover Yo Yo makers

These Yo Yo makers are so cute. They will accent your stitching pieces and pillows. I will post some new ideas of finishing using these Yo Yo soon. I carry 4 sizes (extra small, small, large and extra large) and very easy use with great instruction.

They are available to purchase here: