Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Charts are Blackbird Swan Lake, 4 new With Thy Needle and Threads, 3 new Little House Needleworks, 1 new Country Cottage Needleworks, Nordic Needle Hardanger designs, and Erica Michael silk gauze kit

Quite a few charts are added and they are:

All the new charts will be ready to mail on August 27, some of the charts are already in stock.

Blackbird Anniversaries of the Heart #7 Swan Lake and the bonus chart.

With Thy Needle and thread "St Noel", "Oh christmas tree", "Candy Corn", and "Fruit for a song".

Little House Needleworks "The family sampler", "Sarah Street-"faithness", and October Ornament "under the tree".

Country Cottage Needleworks "Summer at the Shore".

Nordic needle hardanger design "Christmas in the Pine".

Erica Michaels "Second Spring" 40 ct silk Gauze kit.


Crescent colours threads price increase effective September 1 CORRECTION

I just got an email from Sharon Crescent today on August 25, she is not going to increase the cotton floss price but she will increase th Belle Soie. I am so sorry for the confusion, here is her email:

Last week you should have received a letter regarding price increases on our cotton and silk flosses. After considering the economic times and reworking the cost structure, the cotton flosses will remain $ 2.00. The Belle Soie Silk will rise to $7.50 as explained before.

I hope this eases things a bit. Hopefully this is good news for you. J

Sharon Crescent

President, Crescent Colours

Fine hand dyed threads for needleworks

Crescent colours has notified me about price increases effective September 1:

- Crescent cotton new price will be the same. (old price is $2.00)

- Crescent Belle Soie new price will be $7.50 (old price is $6.50)

So please take advantage of the sale price on the web site:


August New Accessories Eco-Fi Felt, Tape Measure, and Hoffmann Originals Bead Soup Packages

The Eco-Fi Felt Special pack is a great value, 12 pieces 9" X 12" for only $7.00. They are great for crafts and needlework projects. A beautiful tape measure measuring a full 60" or 150 cm. With a magnet at the back and a cream-colored lanyard with a hang length of 16" completes the tape measure ensemble. Three new bead soup packages.




R and R Reproduction 30 ct Olde Town Blend and Cashel 28 ct Linen Overdyed Antique Almond are added

I added 2 new linen on my web site:

- R and R reproduction Olde Town Blend 30 ct Linen

- Cashel 28 ct Overdyed Antique Almond linen


Monday, August 16, 2010

Anita's Unique Scissors Collection, new scissors, new scissors..

In the next 2-3 months, I will be adding a lot of unique scissors.These are my August Batch of new scissors..... pic 1 to pic 4. I will be adding selection in September, October and November. You can find more details info under Anita's Unique Scissors Collection. The Sea horse scissors and the silver santa scissors are in a different web page. I spent half of the day redid the web pages on scissors. Updates on charts will be in a few days.