Sunday, April 27, 2008

Little Stitches Strawberry Emery designs, tutorials, accessory charts and ribbon techniques

Thank you each one of you that purchased my designs in the last few days. I was overwhelmed with responses and compliment. Thank you for making my first set of designs such a success. Most of the orders were from the United States. I also received purchases from overseas like France, England, Netherland, and Australia.

You are welcome to email me what you would like to order. I will email you with an invoice through Pay Pal. The Pay Pal Web payment standard that I signed up will accept ALL CREDIT CARDS, as well as pay pal payment. You can order the downloaded PDF charts, accessories pack, fabric as well as the overdyed floss. I will post info about my web site once it is set up.

Please include the following info and email them to

- items you wish to purchase

- what email address should the invoice be sent to

- whether you pay with credit card or bank transfer
(For overseas orders, bank transfer is preferred due to the
high transaction fees) but credit card is fine as well.

My current designs are as follows:

The designs are delivered in downloaded PDF format through emails. The designs are charted with Pattern maker and converted to microsoft word and then PDF format. The chart is just like a regular chart with a color cover front page with all the info to stitch.

Emery collection I $7.00
There are 3 emery designs with detailed pictured illustrated tutorials on the emery finishing and ribbon technique. (this is perfect for you to learn how to finish an emery and how to work with ribbon)

Rose biscornu (front and back design), scissor fob and pinkeep (2 designs, scissor fob and pinkeep design are the same but the finishing is different) $4.00

Strawberry Biscornu (front and back design), scissor fob and pinkeep (2 designs, the scissor fob and pinkeep are the same design but the finishing is different) $4.00

Mixed Floral Biscornu(front and back design), scissor fob and pinkeep (2 designs, scissor fob and pinkeep are the same design but different finishing techniques) $4.00

Accessory Pack $7.00 which includes 6 yards of special ribbon for the top of the emery as shown in the pictures. The rose emery, biscornu, pinkeep and scissor fob use a special custom Vikki clayton silk, there will be 4 yards included, enough to stitch the emery, biscornu, pinkeep and scissor fob. There are over 300 beads included for all the emeries as well the accessory designs. A beading needle is also included. No DMC or Fabric are included.

The summary is as follows:

Emery collection I $7.00
Rose biscornu and others $4.00
Strawberry biscornu and others $4.00
Mixed Floral biscoru and others $4.00
Accessory pack $7.00

All Overseas purchases are welcome. My shipping to overseas is very reasonable and you can email me with a quote before purchasing. All purchases are final and there is no refund. If you have any concern with your received order, please contact me within 72 hours.

The designs are stitched on cream linen (rose and the mixed floral designs) and wichelt antique tan linen 28 count (Strawberry ones) . I do have the linen fabric in stock. I highly recommend the accessory pack because of the ribbon match the designs perfectly. The silk is custom order for the Rose design. So if money is no object, please make sure you order it.

Here is the email that I received from Doris in SC, she is my first customer:

"I have downloaded all of the charts and instructions. I wanted to tell you how impressed I am. The instructions are easy to follow, the charts are clear and precise. The pictures are beautiful. I like tosee what the finished project will look like.. I have a brand new 3-ring binder just for your charts. Your whole *operation* looks very professional. I think these charts are just the beginning of a successful designing career."

From Carole, Gibraltar:

"Anita, have to tell you many many thanks for making these emeries available to finishing challenged people like me. Personally I think your instructions were brilliant."

From Doris, New York:

"I just wanted to let you know that the Emery Collection accessory pak arrived in today's mail! Thank you so much for the quick shipping. I can't wait to get started....
Good luck with your business. Feel free to use me as a reference if at any time you need it. I am extremely pleased with your service."

From Helen H. In Australia:

Just wanted to let you know that the chart pack arrived safely, Thank you! I'm most impressed and all I can say is some of the big name designers could certainly take a leaf out of your book when it comes to packaging and selling their products :)Your chart directions are easy to understand and the the chart pack so beautifully presented...Anita I think you will go well in your new venture, congratulations! Helen Australia(one very happy customer)

I check my email on a regular basis throughout the day and all the downloaded file will be emailed to you within 24 hours upon receipt of payment. If you email me and did not hear from me, please post here with your email address. Gmail emails sometimes inadvertently ended up in the spam file, so please check the spam folder.

Thank you again for visiting the blog and thank you for purchasing my designs.

Valdani 6 Strand Overdyed Floss

Valdani is a Canadian company that manufactures quilting threads and overdyed floss in Romania. The overdyed floss that I am carrying is 6 strands 10 yard, colorfast and they are very pretty. My every day low price is $2.20 (Regular price is $2.50). These are great value, most of the overdyed floss is selling $2.00 for only 5 yards. If you have any specific colors that you like to special order, please email me at

I have added more Valdani threads on my web site, here is the URL for the list:

You can view the colors at their web site or email me if you need pictures of the threads:

These are the selective colors that I have:

M1 Strawberry Cream

M18 Iris Petals

M43 Vibrant Reds
M77 Red Navy

M78 Copper Leaf

O503 Garnets
O505 Toffee

O506 Cinnamon Swirl

O507 Rich Wine

O510 Terracotta Twist

O521 Mulberry Grape

O522 Raspberry
O5320 Shaded Brick

O533 Golden Autumn

O547 Burnt Chocolate

O567 Granny Sweater
P1 Old Brick
P2 Olive Green

P6 Rusted Orange
P7 Withered Blue

V15 Algae

V3122 Victorian Mauves

V60 Pink and Purples

Since these threads are new to most of us, I have stitched a few pieces to show you the beautiful colors:

Valdani M43 Vibrant Red, the pattern is one of the Wichelt imports freebie:

P1 Old Brick, the pattern is from Goode Huswife, the yellow/brown bird is a DMC thread, the rest is stitched with Old Brick, one of the birds was stitched on Vibrant Red. I love this color.

This is a biscornu design stitched with M78 Cooper Leaf and O510 Terracotta Twisted:

Here are some pictures of the threads that I have:

From left to right, here are the color names:
Vibrant Red, Strawberry Cream, Garnet, Shaded Brick, Rasperrry, Iris Petal, Mulberry Grape

From left to right on the second pic:

Rich Wine, Golden Autumn,Terracotta Twisted, Algae , Granny sweater, pink and purple, Victorian Marve, Copper Leave and Olive Green

From left to right on the 3rd pictures:

Withered Blue, Burnt Chocolate, Red Navy, Old Brick, and Rusted Orange

ThreadworX (previous Needle Necessities)

I carry selective colors of the ThreadworX. They are 20 yard 6 strand 100% Egptian cotton. They are the new company that took over the Needle Necessities. They are very nice people to deal with and the threads are very pretty. My regular low price is $3.25 (regular price is $3.40). You can email me and special order any colors that you like from their web site.

You can view the colors on ThreadworX web site:

I have more Threadworx overdyed floss in my web site and here is the list:

Here are the colors that I have in my inventory:

1002 Roxy

1005 Cherries
1038 Cherry Cola
1041 Dust To Dust
1042 Desert Sunset
1043 Fantasy Island

1049 Parrot Bay

1050 Dezeray's Dreams

1062 Pastel Sunset

1070 Rocky Mountain

1077 Pottery

1081 Shortcake

1084 Black Forest
1085 Christmas Time

1089 Bleeding Hearts

1090 Red Lipstick
1093 Ocean Coral

1096 Renaissance

1099 Sweet Innocence 1148 Romanian Forest
1149 Rainbow Fairy
1150 Funky Lilac
1152 Very Berry

1163 Fall
10051 Wine Castle
10342 Earth stones
10351 Rustic Brown

10471 Grass is Green

10592 Wildflowers

11011 Hydrangea