Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lots of new updates to share....

It is time for new updates for the month. Lots of new items.
New Gingher Julia limited edition 4 inch and 5 inch scissors; Premax Red Marbleized Scissors.They are all here, ready to ship.

New Blackbird Charts, the 3 new ones from the St.Charles Market will be shipped around next Wednesday.

Rosewood Manor Summer Quakers with Valdani Thread Pack.

Plum Street Design, "Yuletide Welcome" and "1837 Crown Sampler", "Love Thy Neighbor" and "My Dearest Friend":

Little House Sheep Virtue Wisdom, ready to ship.All 3 part to the Song of the Seasons are here as well.

Country Cottage "Count your Blessing" and "Santa Village Gingerbread Emporium" are ready to ship:

Scarlett House Sampler A Sampler Grows and Mary Ann Farmer Sampler:(shipping on August 31).

Tree of Life Samplings "Sarah Steel" and "Ann M Teach Me Sampler":

Sept/Oct Just Cross Stitch Magazine (Annual Halloween Issue, 14 Halloween Ornament) ready to ship. Proper Stitch CD by Darlene O'Steen are also here.

2013 Annual Just Cross Stitch Ornament will be shipped around September 20.

Amaryllis Quaker Pear, ready to ship on August 31.

Don't forget Lizzie Kate Christmas Mystery Holly and Hearts, the first installment are scheduled to ship on September 8.

This has been a LONG post, there will be another post around next Friday. If I miss anything, I will post next week. Have a great long weekend for the US readers.