Monday, June 28, 2010

New Kelmscott Lace Scissors, Scissors Shoes Kit and Blackbird Needle Minder

here is the latest on Kelmscott new products:

Kelmscott 2.75 Lace Scissors
Kelmscott Scissors Shoes Kit
Kelmscott Blackbird Needle Minder

They will be ready to ship on July 3. All these 3 items are on sale.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

When you can't find a button for the special biscornu, make a unique one to match the design perfectly

I love biscornu, I have stitched over 75 of them. Finding a unique button to match the design can be very difficult and frustrating. Here is the solution, a covered button. There are 2 types of covered button available and they come in different sizes. I made a special beaded button for this biscornu, it just enhanced the whole finished piece, do you agree??

The design is by Elizabeth Almond "Lilac Time", the thread I used is Valdani 6 strand overdyed floss "M1002 Water Lilies":

Friday, June 18, 2010

New Blackbird designs, Little House Needlework Charts and New Scissors

Two new Blackbird designs, Anniversaries of the heart #5 Farm House, Loose Feather 40 Hedgerow Birds, Little House Needlework August Ornament Frosty Flakes, Singing Birds, and Liberty Belles. The 4 new scissors are Multi Rainbow Titanium Butterfly scissors, 2 1/2" Italian made mini scissors, Patriotic scissors as well as the cat scissors: