Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Added 6 New Etui, Needleboxes and Needlebook

I just expand what I carry in Needleboxes, Etui and Needlebooks. No sewing is required and the cardboards are provided. Mailing is a little bit expensive due to the cardboards weight.

The new addition are:

KT0032 Hexagon Tri Fold Needlebook

KT004-LH Lighthouse Needlebox

KT004-P Pyramid

KT004-5 Five sided needlebox

KT004-6 Six sided needlebox

KT005-5 Mini 5 sided needlebox


Kreuzlerin said...

wow, your creations are really beautiful
sends best wishes to you Barbara

Nelli said...


Hazel said...

Anita, your collections have grown so much! If I ever get some money together then I'll be placing an order with you. The scissors are gorgeous and you carry all the sorts of charts I like. Love the buttons too. x