Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30 updates, new charts, buttons and scissors

New Prairie Schooler charts are in as well as the new Little House "August Calendar Girl" and Country Cottage "Frosty Forest last chart":

With Thy Needle and Thread Punch needle design "Manor at Strawberry Hill":

With thy Needle and Thread:
-Gardener Goode Witch -Hallow-day Inn -Blue Bunting -Summer Salt Box

New Bohin Scissors, 4 1/2 inch Scissors (3 colors) and 3 1/2 inch Soft touch:

8 new Button Packs:

Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 12 Updates...

New Kelmscott Roly Poly Scissors, and Folkart Uncle Sam and Teapot needleminders:

New With Thy Needle and Thread "Sampler Hill", "Heart of the home Sampler", "Mary Jane Smallman":

Little House Needleworks Special Kits "Beneath the Star", "Over the Moon", "Under the Sun":

Plum Street Crowned Bird Sampler:

Just Cross Stitch 2014 Annual Halloween Special issue are here.

Coming soon in 2 weeks, the Just Cross Stitch 1997-2013 Ornament CD (17 issue of Ornaments)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

New Victoria Sampler and Lizzie Kate designs and more..........

These designs will be shipped around mid July.
Victoria Sampler "Gingerbread Cupcakes and Mystic Christmas Sampler":

Lizzie Kate "the rest of the Tingles Flip It", 2014 Santa, Tiny Tidings, Hats Off 2, A little Boo Kit":

New Charms and Thimble pack:

New Thimble pack:

Friday, June 20, 2014

Adjustable Ring Pincushion and much more......

I discover something fun and easy to do. These are great for gifts and for yourself. You can even have a adjustable ring party with a few friends and have a blast. You can make it a "ring" that you wear matching your outfits, put in fiberfill cotton and turn the ring into a small pincushion, add a little strong magnet and hold your needles while you are working on your crafts.

You can find the supplies and accessories to make these Adjustable Rings on my web site:

I have made a little tutorial. These little Rings use very little fabric, so pull out all your saved "scrap" fabric.
Supplies that you need are Pearl cotton 5, tapestry size 20 needles, disappearing ink, scrap fabric, sharp scissors, adjustable ring. (optional is fiberfill cotton, magnet).

Trace the ring pattern using the disappearing ink to the back of the fabric.

Stitch a running stitch 1/3 inch from the ink circle, please pay attention, the starting and ending running stitch start and end on the "front" of the fabric. I use Pearl Cotton 5 because it gives you the strength to pull the running stitch tight after mounting the fabric piece on the ring. After you positioning the fabric on the top, pull the pearl cotton very tight and tie 2 knots, and trim excess fabric.

If you want to use it as pincushion, add the fiberfill cotton. You can also add a strong magnet to hold needles as well.

I have a special kit on my web site for starter, all you need is scrap fabric, supplies are included.