Thursday, July 1, 2010

3 Scissors Fobs idea for the new Cat Scissors

I looked through my stash and came up with 3 cat theme designs. I made them into scissors fobs. It took me a few evenings to finish the stitching and the finish work. I think they are perfect for the new Cat Scissors:

The second scissors fob is stitching one over one thread.


Berit said...

Cats and Scissors are 2 of my favorite things, but somehow these "cat scissors" don't quite float my boat. Maybe it's just 'cause I have my little eyes on so many other pair to buy first! lol!

I do LOVE the fobs you've made though, and the first one is just perfect together with that charm. :D

isabel tiago said...

Good afternoon

I enjoy cross stitch and embroidery know now your blog and some of their work. I am delighted with this drawing of a cat. I'm fascinated by the scissors and needles would like to embroider in the future, something like that to one of my scissors.
Congratulations for the beautiful work.
I live in Lisbon, Portugal and now board a few pieces for babies.
Already added to my favorites.

Isabel Tiago