Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Floss Ring Tag Supplies Available

I have limited supplies of the following supplies to make the Floss Ring Tag:

- 5/32" eyelets with tools

- 5/32" multi colors eyelets

- 1/4" eyelets with tools

- 1/4" eyelets

- 3/16 assorted eyelets, you can use them with Scrapbooking as well

- 3 Different types of Thread drops

You can view all the option and prices here, and if you have any question, just email me:

Also the John James Regular needles 26, and 28 in bulk are in stock. The petite needles for 26 and 28 in bulk had came in as well. They are cheaper than buying the needles in packages. If you do a lot of stitching on 32 counts and up and stitching one over one, you should try the petite needles. It makes a big difference.

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