Sunday, January 20, 2019

2019 January Newsletter

Little Stitches
January 2019 Newsletter

We hope everyone had a happy New Years and we are here to share with you new items and specials. Please note that all links to anything in this newsletter are at the bottom of each page if reading in pdf mode.

Here are some Highlights from the last newsletter and you can still find them all here.

Gloriana Silk - 196 Colors Added
Find It Here $7.29 6 Yd Skein

Bohin Scissors-

Bohin Elegant Tape Measurer - Here
This elegant tape measurer from Bohin is a must have.

Lamps - Here
Featured Scissors On Sale $6 - Here and Here
Scissors above are at the lowest price they've ever been.

Anchor Threads Found Here and Here

Scarlett House Adam & Eve- Here 33% Off
Blackbird A Schoolgirl's Work- Here 25% Off

That's it for this newsletter look forward to the next one in February, please email us any questions or requests at

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