Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Wool Felt Patterns, scissors, charms and Aleene's glue pens...

I added a few new products. I love wool felt embroidary, I just need to practice my blanket stitch. I saw some stunning designs at the show. I added a few patterns. You can frame them, use them as pincushions or put them on a stand. They are very cute. The pattern only costs $6.00. The red pincushion set with accessory also comes with wool felt as a kit. They are perfect for gifts, christmas gift or a quick project. You will use embroidery needles.You can use your favorite color combination.

A new batch of scissors just arrived. There are 3 special Christmas holiday scissors and 5 other new ones. The Christmas scissors have gold flowers with red, greenish blue and black. The prices are under $10.

I added quite a bit of new charms, Quilting charms and Vintage charms:

The quilting charms are are top quality nickel plated to match your sterling and pewter jewelry, hand enameled, highly polished, with jump ring to attach to your jewelry or slide onto our charm holders! Our charm sizes range from 1/2" to 5/8".

Here are a picture of all the added Vintage charms:

I added Aleenes glue pens, they are great for crafts...

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Atul Sharma said...

These are looking very nice. Thanks for sharing the nice crafts and creatives.
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