Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Gadgets, buttons, sewing patterns, Gingher Emily scissors and pictures of new items...

I have added 2 new gadgets:

The first one is Thread Zap:

Trims, burns, or melts thread with one touch. No more frayed ends. Tip heats instantly with the push of a button. Extra-fine tip allows for precision application. Ideal for finishing beadweaving & stringing projects. Battery-operated.

Red Buzz for computer and sewing machine. It is very neat. Let take a closer picture to see how it works. One part you can clean your computer screen with and the brush will clean your computer key board and sewing machine. I love it. It is only $5.00.

I add a lot of new buttons. You can tell Christmas is coming very soon.

2 new sewing patterns: "Annie Unrein On the Go" and "Hot Who! Hot Pads by Susie Shore Design"

New 2012 Gingher Emily scissors was shipped to me yesterday, shipping date will be Thursday/Friday, September 27. Please take advantage of the sale price.

-Gingher Emily 4 inch scissors regular $40, sale price $35.95 -Gingher Emily 5 inch scissors regular $45, sale price $41.95

US shipping for each scissors is under $3.50.

Lots of new charts, threads have arrived. They are all on sale:

- Blackbird Merry Christmas $9.00, Sale price is $7.50 - Blackbird Summer's last Rose $16.00, sale price is $12.95 - Jeannett Douglas Christmas Sampler $25.00, sale price is 20.95 - Jeannett Douglas Christmas quaker pincushion $14.00, sale price is $11.75 - Jeannett Douglas Pumpkin Quaker Pincushion $14.00, sale price is $11.75 - all the new threads are on sale as well..

New Kelmscott scissors are here today, September 22, Saturday:

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