Friday, July 6, 2012

Fabric Flair linen, evenweave, Grip-n-stitch and more

New Products from Fabric Flair:

- Thread Organizer in 4 different colors and they are only $3.75 sale price.
-It measures 1 1/2" wide x 7 3/4" long. Organize 32 threads per thread organizer; each one is marked with letters A-Z so you can reference your thread to your chart; each has a flight safe thread cutter, making them great for projects on the go and made from durable plastic; a tape writing strip is on the back for identifying each color and you can replace it with mask tape for new projects.

- Grip-n-Stitch, it is a really cool tool:

Key Features: Grip-n-Stitch is the most advanced needlework frame in the world, a necessity for stitchers everywhere! Absolutely no ring marks or slacking guaranteed! Reusable and entirely adjustable for each project by increments of 1In (2.5cm). Fully adjustable to nearest 1In (2.5cm) frame size. Re-usable frame & pieces. Easy & quick to assemble. Each Kit creates a frame up to 56In. Completely Adjustable & Reusable. Makes any size frame (up to 56" diameter per kit). Complete adjustment of tension Never re-stretch, once on it keeps required tension. Full instructions, helpful hints and video online.This kit will make a frame from 16” to 44” measured around the outside. Adjustable size, reusable, easy and quick to assemble and use, and no ring marks. Kit contains twelve 2” pieces, four 1” pieces, four corners, clips, and padded adhesive tape.

Here is a video to show you the features of the tool:

I am still working on the linen and evenweave page of the Fabric Flair. The unique items are they have 36 ct evenweave available in many colors, I am only adding the basic White, Antique white and Ivory at this time. Flag Scissors of the World, great introduction price at $7.99 with leather sheath:

More countries will be added soon in a few weeks:

- I also added Premax Ring Lock Straight scissors and 3" Swan scissors gold and black:

A few new charts are added: - Rosewood Manor "Flowers of Rosehall", she is using Valdani Silk floss ball for the design. It is very pretty.

With thy needle and Thread "August Word Play" and "Hilda's Alphabet Brew":

New Quilting Patterns: 2 new Quilting patterns, Lynette Anderson "Garden Gnome Needlebook and Scissors Keeper" and Atkinson Designs "Classmate":

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