Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adding more Sulky Blendable threads, Antique Scissors Collection and more

I love Sulky Blendable threads, I discovered this beautiful threads in a Bulletin Board. I just added 9 more to the web site and I just finished stitching a new color as well. I am also putting pictures of all the sulky projects I have finished so far. They are exceptional value $6.50, on sale for $5.69. They are perfect for stitching biscornu, pinkeep and much more....12 wt (330 yards) for for stitching on 28 ct, 30 ct, 32 ct over 2 threads, 30 wt (500 yards)is for stitching one over 2 threads.

I just finished stitching this one with 4067 Merlot Blush:

Stitched with 4107 Antique Christmas

Stitched with 4010 Caramel Apple

Stitched with 4030 Vintage Rose

Stitched with 4122 Rose Bud Sweet

Stitched with 4053 Falling Leaves

Stitched with 4121 Rhuburb

Stitched with 4045 Summer Nights

Stitched with 4042 Red Work

Pictures of the new charts that just arrived:

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