Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Kelmscott Pumpkin Crow, Part 3-6 Lizzie Kate Fat Men, New Sulky Blendable and Valdani Threads

Here is the new Kelmscott Needleminder "Pumpkin Crow":

The rest of the Lizzie Kate Fat Men Flip Its, part 4-6:

9 New Sulky Blendable 12 wt:

- Poppy
- Merlot Blush
- Passion Fruit
- Twilight
- Wildrose
- Eucalyptus
- Blackberry
- Neon Lights
- Root Beer Float

Examples of some of the Sulky threads stitching is here:

New Valdani Threads:

- New Valdani Silk Floss Balls are Aged Wine, Washed Cinnamon, Garnet

- New Valdani Pearl Silk collection are Fire Flames, Blue Algae,
Orchids, Nostalgic, Splashing waves

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