Sunday, August 21, 2011

New update Part 2

More new charts and 4 new Weeks dye Works threads from the Baltimore Market. If you see charts that you like to purchase and they are not on my web site, please email me and I can special order that for you.

A few New Lizzie Kate designs for Christmas:

1. New Lizzie Kate 6 fat men flip its (these are very cute)

- there will be 6 charts in total, 3 charts are available now
and the rest of the 3 charts will be released in mid October

- I have a special page on this series with linen and thread pack

- You can stitch them individually or stitch them as ONE piece

2. The rest of the new Lizzie Kate charts/kit are:

- 2011 Santa
- Tiny Tidings XVI
- Inspriation boxer "When we do"

3. JBW christmas designs:

- French Country Reindeer
- French Country Heart I
- French Country Heart II

4. 4 new Weeks Dye Works threads

- 1132 Saltwater Taffy
- 1240 Dirt Road
- 2135 Turquoise
- 2259 Cayenne

1 comment:

mdgtjulie said...

LOL, what a great name for a floss. Dirt Road is awesome!! I have one I love called Pond Scum.