Wednesday, April 20, 2011

March and April Stitching

Here are some recent stitching and finishes:

- 2 floss ring tags, one from Little House design "Rosey" and a french
Rose design

- the biscornu are freebies and I stitched with Dinky Dyes Silk Bush
Christmas and ThreadworX Indian Clay silk.

The heart freebie can be found here.


Berit said...

Lovely. I especially like the last biscornu in pink; the design really shows off how pretty the thread is. :)

Thanks also for carrying Days Gone By. I've been meaning to try that linen and now I have an easy way to do so! :D

Ordering with you has spoiled me for using anywhere else! When I want or need something I can't get from you, I think, "Well, maybe I don't NEED it..." and the it gets put off! :D

Paula said...

Your work inspires me Hopefully, one day, I can get my "thingies" that the floss ring goes through to look as nice as yours.

RakelVT said...

Hola Anita muchas felicidades, haces unas cosas preciosas, y felicidades por tu blog me gusto.

Besos desde Puebla,México.

mdgtjulie said...

Very nice stitching. I really like your biscornus. They are darling!!