Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crescent colours threads price increase effective September 1 CORRECTION

I just got an email from Sharon Crescent today on August 25, she is not going to increase the cotton floss price but she will increase th Belle Soie. I am so sorry for the confusion, here is her email:

Last week you should have received a letter regarding price increases on our cotton and silk flosses. After considering the economic times and reworking the cost structure, the cotton flosses will remain $ 2.00. The Belle Soie Silk will rise to $7.50 as explained before.

I hope this eases things a bit. Hopefully this is good news for you. J

Sharon Crescent

President, Crescent Colours

Fine hand dyed threads for needleworks

Crescent colours has notified me about price increases effective September 1:

- Crescent cotton new price will be the same. (old price is $2.00)

- Crescent Belle Soie new price will be $7.50 (old price is $6.50)

So please take advantage of the sale price on the web site:


1 comment:

Berit said...

My goodness what a jump! :o

I think I see a lot less Crescent in my future. :/

Thanks for the warning, Anita.