Thursday, June 24, 2010

When you can't find a button for the special biscornu, make a unique one to match the design perfectly

I love biscornu, I have stitched over 75 of them. Finding a unique button to match the design can be very difficult and frustrating. Here is the solution, a covered button. There are 2 types of covered button available and they come in different sizes. I made a special beaded button for this biscornu, it just enhanced the whole finished piece, do you agree??

The design is by Elizabeth Almond "Lilac Time", the thread I used is Valdani 6 strand overdyed floss "M1002 Water Lilies":


ABOBORINHA MADURA (Helena) said...



Kisses for you from Portugal.


Berit said...

Anita, I always love your blog because it's so inspiring. I had someone, a very talented stitcher, recently tell me that she couldn't work up the courage for a biscornu finish. I just think it's one of the easiest and most satisfying--and I love the look that button gives!

I also love your blog because I can get the supplies to borrow your ideas right from your shop--Shopping and Blog-reading all in one; what's not to love!?

The beads on that fabric button really are just the thing. :D

Nan said...

I have always wanted to try a biscornu and think I have just found the inspiration on your blog. I love the idea of making your own button cover. I wondered how I would ever find the perfect button to compliment the pattern. Thanks for the great idea!