Monday, March 23, 2009

It is nice to be home

We had a wonderful vacation at Cozmuel, Mexico with all the food and drinks included. It was very relaxing and no cooking and housework for a week. The water were very clear with various shades of blue and the weather was just perfect in the 70s. My 5 years old son had a great time with the beach and pools. He did try the snorkeling for 30 minutes. The food was great. I have been working and processing orders and ordering new charts. More updates soon.

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Sue said...

Hi Anita, vacation sounds sooooo great, thx for sharing, glad you had good time! Haven't been to Cozumel since 1989, OMG 20 yrs ago, wonder what has changed there and what's the same-LOL:) Nice to have you back here, enjoy your own sweet pillow my friend...

Sincerely, Sue, Rochester, NY