Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Little Stitches 15 Sides Biscornu Designs

Here are the 2 new 15 sides Biscornu Designs:

Rose theme stitched with Dublin 25 ct Cream linen, overdyed floss, and matching seed beads.

Christmas theme, stitched with Quaker cloth 28 ct Sand Linen, gold seed beads and overdyed floss.

The designs are available with PDF files, tutorials and accessory packs with fabric ONLY. Here is the web url for more info:


Carolyn NC said...

These are beautiful, Anita. What is the finished size (about)? Thanks.

Carolyn NC said...

Ok, I just saw the little slideshow - about the size of a large orange, only flatter. Very nice!

Carol R said...

Very beautiful Anita!

Au vieux trousseau said...

So much lovely, Anita !
And I like the needlerolls collection too !

rosemary said...

What wonderful work and your blog and site are so enjoyable to visit. Rosemary