Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rose Emery finish from Amanda L in AL

Amanda was my 9th customer and she purchased the accessory pack as well. Look at what she finished:

Wow, she did a great job on the finishing. Her Ribbon were just perfect. Thank you so much for sharing a picture. Congratulation on the beautiful finish.

I have been doing very well with the designs. Thank you all for the referrals and spreading the words about my new design. I signed up with a new web hosting company today. I will be working on my web site this week. It won't be easy for me but I am trying. Thank you again for all the purchase and emails. New countries on the purchase list are France, Italy, Russia, Peru, Mexico, Germany, Canada and Singapore.


Stephanie said...

Well done you - so glad your new venture is taking off!!

Cathy C said...

The finish is lovely...and he ribbon is done so well! Hope I can do as good a job when I start working on mine.

Anita, I think you are doing so well considering this is all a new venture for you! Congratulations! Both on the designs, and on getting the website up and the blog done...it has been a challenge I know, but you are almost done with all the little quirks. Now it is just a matter of keeping those designs coming. I wish you well! Good success and blessings in the future!