Sunday, April 27, 2008

Valdani 6 Strand Overdyed Floss

Valdani is a Canadian company that manufactures quilting threads and overdyed floss in Romania. The overdyed floss that I am carrying is 6 strands 10 yard, colorfast and they are very pretty. My every day low price is $2.20 (Regular price is $2.50). These are great value, most of the overdyed floss is selling $2.00 for only 5 yards. If you have any specific colors that you like to special order, please email me at

I have added more Valdani threads on my web site, here is the URL for the list:

You can view the colors at their web site or email me if you need pictures of the threads:

These are the selective colors that I have:

M1 Strawberry Cream

M18 Iris Petals

M43 Vibrant Reds
M77 Red Navy

M78 Copper Leaf

O503 Garnets
O505 Toffee

O506 Cinnamon Swirl

O507 Rich Wine

O510 Terracotta Twist

O521 Mulberry Grape

O522 Raspberry
O5320 Shaded Brick

O533 Golden Autumn

O547 Burnt Chocolate

O567 Granny Sweater
P1 Old Brick
P2 Olive Green

P6 Rusted Orange
P7 Withered Blue

V15 Algae

V3122 Victorian Mauves

V60 Pink and Purples

Since these threads are new to most of us, I have stitched a few pieces to show you the beautiful colors:

Valdani M43 Vibrant Red, the pattern is one of the Wichelt imports freebie:

P1 Old Brick, the pattern is from Goode Huswife, the yellow/brown bird is a DMC thread, the rest is stitched with Old Brick, one of the birds was stitched on Vibrant Red. I love this color.

This is a biscornu design stitched with M78 Cooper Leaf and O510 Terracotta Twisted:

Here are some pictures of the threads that I have:

From left to right, here are the color names:
Vibrant Red, Strawberry Cream, Garnet, Shaded Brick, Rasperrry, Iris Petal, Mulberry Grape

From left to right on the second pic:

Rich Wine, Golden Autumn,Terracotta Twisted, Algae , Granny sweater, pink and purple, Victorian Marve, Copper Leave and Olive Green

From left to right on the 3rd pictures:

Withered Blue, Burnt Chocolate, Red Navy, Old Brick, and Rusted Orange

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